An online forum for all women, providing up to date advice, discussion and support for female health and well being, led by our panel of experts. Topics ranging from menopause, ante/ post natal, pilates/exercise, nutrition, osteopathy, physio & pelvic floor health, mental health, mindfulness and more.

All women deserve education on these topics but finding reliable sources is the most important part and can be overwhelming which is why Lysta wanted to create this community. This hub is an empowering community providing a safe space for women to learn and ask questions about topics that have been side lined for far too long. Lysta’s experts provide content weekly and are always here to support and educate the community in whatever way they can.

Through the hub, Lysta also provides exciting packages throughout the year. ‘Mind Body Reset’ a 10 week course to re shift your mindset for a healthier, stronger mind and body, co-hosted by Emma Bardwell, The Menopause nutritionist. Additionally a rejuvenating women’s only day retreat ‘Pause & Restore’. Lysta’s hub is constantly shifting and expanding and more amazing packages like these are on the horizon.

Meet our experts:

  • Lysta Reardon

    Lysta runs a pilates company called Studio 17 with her husband, and has founded this health hub. She is a women’s health coach specialising in delivering a bespoke women’s health package to help menopausal women navigating this transition in their lives and also guiding women through their pregnancies and beyond.

  • Nick Panay

    Nick is the founder of Hormone Health and he and his associates are the world leaders in menopause research. He is a consultant gynaecologist specialising in reproductive health, menopause and menstrual disorders. Mr Panay’s aim is to gather a group of like-minded specialists throughout the country to provide a service that will give women personal time and choices of treatment to suit their needs and beliefs.

  • Emma Bardwell

    Emma is a menopause and hormone nutritionist, with no-nonsense nutrition programmes that get results. Emma helps women cut through the noise to feel on top of their game. No preaching. No judging. No fads. No pseudoscience. Just smart nutrition and lifestyle advice that’s accessible to all.

  • Suzy Reading (Webster)

    Suzy is a Charted Psychologist specialising in self care, resilience, stress management, loss and healthy lifestyle change. She is also an accredited yoga teacher and personal trainer. Suzy offers an integrated approach to wellbeing: nurturing head, heart & body, and she is passionate about empowering people with tools of self-care to help them weather and recover from periods of stress, loss and change and to boost resilience in the face of future challenges.

  • Clare Bourne

    Clare is a pelvic health physiotherapist, with a passion to support women throughout their lives, specialising in ante and post natal. She loves to help women back to the activities that they love. She believes in talking openly about taboo topics and ensuring everyone feels comfortable to get support even for problems that may feel embarrassing.

  • Dr Sula Windgassen

    Dr. Sula Windgassen is a Health Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a mindfulness practitioner. She has a PhD from King’s college London in Psychological Medicine, which focused on the therapeutic mechanisms of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in irritable bowel syndrome. Sula’s current research focuses on women’s health and the application of psychosocial support to improve symptom severity and quality of life.

  • Dr. Karen Joash

    Dr. Karen Joash is a highly regarded consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in Harley Street and Central London, who is renowned for providing world-class services to women suffering from a number of conditions. She provides a comprehensive range of treatments including: maternal medicine, perinatal mental health, hysteroscopies and fertility advice. Dr Joash’s aim is to help women achieve the type of delivery which is tailored to theirs wants and needs. With her holistic approach and knowledge of both low risk and high risk conditions she is able to provide this for all women.

  • Jade Rodham

    Jade is a women’s physiotherapist. She believes in empowering her patients by giving them the knowledge to actively participate in their rehabilitation. Working within both the private and public sector she see’s a variety of problems ranging from chronic pain, sporting injuries, postural related problems, post-operative rehabilitation, degenerative disorders and women’s health. She loves to help educate and motivate people and finds that a personalised approach and her background in exercise has positive impact on her clients.