Classes and Prices

121 sessions are £65 per hour. £35 per person in a class of 3 or £40 in a class of 2 . Bookings are required for all appointment sessions. Please call first to check availability Method of payment : All classes are paid for in advance.


Ante and Post Natal

Pilates is a very safe form of exercisingin both ante and post natal periods.it is also a great way to aid relaxation during your pregnancy. pilates is an ideal form of exercise to enable the body to cope with the changes that occur during pregnancy. During pregnancy, Pilates classes focus on maintaining the spinal flexibility and posture as the bump size increases, as well as strengthening those important hip and upper body muscles that you need once baby arrives. The breathing techniques you will learn at pilates classes may also assist throughtout your labour.

pilates teaches women to reconnect and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve posture, core strength and stability. Not only does post natal pilates greatly improve overall body conditioning, it will stretch and strengthen you in the right places.


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